Teapot Racing

just what it sounds like!

Teapot Racing

We are introducing Teapot Racing to Galveston!

Splendid Teapot Racing is the steampunk sport where you build and race your remote controlled teapot through a difficult obstacle course. The hobby came from New Zealand, and we have adopted it, fed it, and named our version Texas Splendid Teapot Racing or TXSTR. We’re like NASCAR, but smaller. And with tea.

A recap of the rules for the Galveston Steampunk Festival Event:

1. Your teapot has 2 minutes to complete the obstacle course

2. Scoring is based on appearance, fair play, humor, bribing, and race results

3. Prizes will be award for first, second and third place by score

4. Judges and Race officials decisions are final.

5. We will run all contestants that brought a racer (and appear when name is called)

6. Stay at the starting position, race staff will reset your teapot if it gets stuck for you.

7. If you are not present when we call your turn to race, we will move on. If we have more than 10 racers, we will not call again.

8. Have fun. The course is hard, we’re going to laugh. Put on a good show.

9. There are no practice runs. You see the course, you make a plan. You get your turn.

10. The course we bring is subject to change each time. It will stay the same for the day’s races (with minor variance as we restore from collisions).

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